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From time to time, we host webinars online to provide timely, relevant teaching on matters related to the work and responsibilities of overseers. If you would like to be notified of upcoming webinars and new articles, please complete this form:

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Canada's Bill C-4

How It Impacts Local Churches

Now that Bill C-4 has officially passed through Parliament and signed into law, Conversion Therapy Bans will be effective as of early January 2022. In light of these legal developments, André's presentation will help with understanding the issue of conversion therapy, and how these poorly drafted legal bans have negative effects on the Christian and broader religious community and our LGBTQ neighbours. He will seek to:

  • Assist elders and preachers to respond well to church members with questions about sexual ethics and/or identity
  • Help elders and preachers speak about issues of sexual ethics and personal identity in ways that are Biblically sound and that are aware of political and legal sensitivities
  • Provide advice for Bible teachers regarding the way they can address sensitive issues in their sermons
  • Help churches to formulate and develop wise practices

André Schutten is Director of Law and Public Policy and General Legal Counsel for ARPA Canada. Based in ARPA’s Ottawa office, he researches and writes on public policy, conducts regular analysis on the impact of different government bills and court judgments and acts as ARPA’s chief Parliamentary lobbyist. 

André is a former infantry reservist and a church organist. He lives in Gatineau, Québec with his wife and three children. They are active members of Jubilee Church, a Canadian Reformed Church in Ottawa.

This webinar will be held on January 20, 2022 at 7:30 PM Central Standard Time. It begins in

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